2009 Asian Science Camp

August 2-8, 2009
Tsukuba, Ibaraki, JAPAN



last modified: 09/01/2009

Awarded Poster Gallery
Gold Prize
Team Ba
ASC, ASC, and ASC...  Beyond scientific classifications: Novel way to cure
Silver Prize
Team Ca   Team De
Superlattice, superhuman, supergeneration   Matter Matters
Bronze Prize
Team Ac Team Dc Team Ee
Pierces Through The Cloud Similarity, Similarity and Similarity Carbon Reduction Technology
Review Committee Awards
Team Aa Asymmetric Catalysis
Team Ab The Way to Future-Change
Team Bd Artificial photosynthesis
Team Db Symmetry : Search for the Holy Grail
Team Eb Symmetry
Team Fb 1+1>2 Interdisciplinarity
Team Fc Green Chemistry
Team Fe Saving Energy: the Grassroot Approach
Team Gc Climate Change
Team Hb Esaki Tunnel Diode: Birth of quantum devices
Team Hd The standard model

Entire Poster Gallery
Team Aa Team Ab Team Ac Team Ad Team Ae
Team Ba Team Bb Team Bc Team Bd Team Be
Team Ca Team Cb Team Cc Team Cd Team Ce
Team Da Team Db Team Dc Team Dd Team De
Team Ea Team Eb Team Ec Team Ed Team Ee
Team Fa Team Fb Team Fc Team Fd Team Fe
Team Ga Team Gb Team Gc Team Gd Team Ge
Team Ha Team Hb Team Hc Team Hd Team He
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