2009 Asian Science Camp

August 2-8, 2009
Tsukuba, Ibaraki, JAPAN



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Frequently asked questions
How can I apply for 2009 Asian Science Camp?
You can apply for this Camp only through the contact person in your country/region. Please inquire the contact person about application details.
Is there any age limit for participation in the Camp?
There is no age limit but students applying for the Camp have to be in the final year/twelfth grade of High school or a college student.
Do I need to have English proficiency?
All the programs are carried out in English so you will have to have a strong proficiency in oral and written English.
Can I join the camp just for one day?
No, it is mandatory to join the entire program from the registration on the 2nd August to the farewell party on the 8th.
Is there any fee that I have to cover during my stay for the Camp?
Basically living and local expenses (accommodations, meals and transportation) associated with the Asian Science Camp will be covered by the committee. However your round flight ticket will not be provided. There is Fellowship for a limited number of students that covers airfare. Private spending is not covered by the committee either.
Do I need a visa to enter Japan?
It differs depending on which nationality you are. Please check your visa exemption status.
visa exemption status
general information on entering Japan: Website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
I don’t have a passport. Where do I get it?
Please apply for a passport at your local passport office.
asc09 at kek.jp